3D Production

We work with artists, designers and project managers to ensure that even the most complex projects operate within their engineering and budgetary constraints. From jewelry to monumental sculptures, new technologies are becoming increasingly important in successfully bringing projects to fruition.

We have extensive in-house 3D printing and CAD machining capabilities:

5 axis milling, using a robotic head to cut polystyrene/polyurethane foam, wood and even aluminium, in parts as large as 4 metres in length

Multi Jet printing which delivers plastic parts to an impressive 16 microns of accuracy

FDM printing which can print a single part up to 0.5 metres cubed

Colour jet printing delivering full colour parts at an astonishing inch per hour

We also work in partnership with companies who are leading experts in CNC machining and milling, plasma/laser cutting and other newly-emerging computer-controlled manufacturing technologies. Our experience and knowledge of these technologies allows us to exceed expectations of what is possible through traditional processes and utilise the most up-to-date methods for fabricating and handling artwork.

Almost every day our studio breaks new ground.  We are pushing the boundaries of digital technology to achieve new sculptural results and using virtual models of artworks to optimise the engineering of armatures, plan structural engineering, organise transportation and shipping and provide ever more accurate material and project costings.

Whatever your creative ambitions, our dedicated and experienced staff will help you realise your aspirations to the highest possible standard.