3D Scanning

We offer a range of scanning services, enabling us to capture or digitise almost anything. We currently have four in-house scanning options:

Laser Scanning

Our laser scanners offer the highest accuracy currently available. We can capture surface detail that is as subtle as the fingerprints left behind by a sculptor, allowing us to reproduce objects faithfully through a non-contact process. Once the scanned object has been captured, it can be enlarged, reduced or translated into another material with a level of respect to the original that has never before been achievable. We can also use digital microscopes to look even closer than the naked eye.

Line of Site Scanning

At the other end of the scale, line of site scanning technology allows whole building interiors and exteriors to be captured, opening up new possibilities for the planning of installations and digital curation.

White Light Scanning

Our white light scanners record the form of objects in minutes, allowing us to capture facial expressions and difficult poses that are not possible with life-casting. Using high-resolution photography we can map skin detail back onto the digital model so that every pore of the life model can be utilised in the production of a 3 dimensional version.


Using the best photogrammetry software and in collaboration with professional photographers, we can combine high-resolution photographs to create virtual objects in three dimensions. From this data we can go on to recreate objects and environments which few people will ever see in reality.

Our quest for excellence in all forms of scanning and digitisation is coupled with our superb craftsmanship and respect for artists and their work, thus ensuring that the service we provide is truly second to none.

The following images illustrate a few examples of projects which have involved scanning as part of the making process.