3D Modelling

Regardless of your expertise or sculptural approach we can guide you through the various means of achieving your project. Whether you begin with a pencil sketch or a CAD drawing, our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and craft, allowing you to explore fully every possibility whilst always respecting and preserving the integrity and purpose of your vision.

We offer a full range of in-house services to create or process digital files for the production of artwork. We can generate a computer model, use an existing digital model or scan an existing one. The way we work with computers mirrors traditional sculpting and fabrication processes but offers new levels of quality, increased speed and flexibility and access to a range of new manufacturing technologies.

Our team is made up of digital artists who sculpt form organically on screen, CAD designers who engineer and fabricate virtual surfaces and virtual solid objects, as well as technical experts in the fields of scanning and 3D printing who ensure that the integrity and quality of the artwork is maintained throughout all of the digital processes.

The images below illustrate objects that have been created or modified in our digital studios.