If you haven’t been watching them already, there is still time to catch these 4 amazing programmes, where Grayson looks at how we mark landmark events in our lives. For the third episode ‘Birth’ Pangolin Digital returned to Grayson’s studio for the second time. This time to scan a clay sculpture of a baby and womb. The work was hand made in clay and laser scanning captured every detail, allowing us to reduce the work and 3D print it at a super high resolution. The 3D print was then used as the pattern by the foundry to cast a silver reduction of the original.

Grayson is just the same in person as he is on TV or radio. He has a charming friendly confidence that is very welcoming, and in conversation he is just as articulate and thought provoking as he appears on screen. The silver sculpture was generously given as a gift as part of the programme. I don’t yet have a photograph of the finished piece but here are a few screen captures of the scanning that was shown in the programme.